Monday, March 25, 2013


We have added a new offer wall on Rewarding Walls and Bingo to earn more.We are offering Badges to earn more % rates on all offers-Top Badge is 8% ,these badges you get when you do certain amount of offer completions,these badges never expire and no buying.It's better then upgrades.We already have members already earn their badge.We are instant PayPal,join us today!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Instant Payments

Happy to announce that OnestopGPT is know on Instant PayPal,Instant Gift Cards,We Have Over 13 Walls,4 Jackpots,Contests,$5.00 Loyalty Cash,100 Points Referral Bonus,5 Referral Levels,Daily 1 Cents On Every Offer Completed,Prize Wheel With 10 Cash & Points Prizes,Badges(Better Then Upgrades)Earn More % On All Offers Never Expire,Bingo With 5 Prizes,PTC Page,Daily Promo Codes,Online Jobs.We Have Been operating Over A Year And Paid Out Over $5500.We Have 24/7 Online Support,Friendly Chat & Members.Join Us For Free And All New Members Gets A $1.00 Signup Bonus,Just To Join.Every Referral You Refer You Get *$1.00 Promo Bonus. It Will Credit Your Account When Your Referral Completes Their First Offer Worth 50 Cents Or 50 Points. Our Sister Site Rewarding Walls Has A lot To Offer You As Well.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why One Stop Gpt & Rewarding Walls

We are a Get Paid To(GPT) website,we are all incentive and earn a lot of extra income to buy what you want,need,bills,food,games,presents,or even cash on your prepaid cards.
After the market crashed and everyone was losing little and big things that meant a lot to them,so I decided to open OneStopGPT to help people in need.We are very unique GPT site and offer way more then original GPT sites offers you.We are only stop you need too do,we have 11 External Offer Walls,4 Jackpots with 3 winners,Prize Wheel(10 Prizes),5 Referral Earning Levels,Sign up Bonus,Referral Bonus,Bingo,Loyalty Bonus,Promo codes,and too much too list.We are free to join and we give you $1.00 just to join are team.We offer online jobs,24/7 Support,We been operating over a year and know open a sister site to increase jobs,earning and much more.