Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Get Started

  1. Before you get started you need to 'prepare' your computer. First off make sure you are using either Internet Explorer (IE) or Mozilla Fire Fox (FF).
  2. Next you want to be sure you have pop-up blocker OFF and have your browser set to accept ALL cookies. This is very important b/c it allows the advertisers that you are completing offers for, to track properly so you can receive credit.
  3. *Not all offers will credit right away or even credit on your 1st attempt. Advertisers credit offers, not site owners* Be sure to use a new email for every offer you do and that your browser is set to accept all 3rd party cookies. Your antivirus should not be blocking websites(Malwarebytes) and completely disabled when doing download offers. Disable any unnecessary toolbars and add-ons that may interfere with offer crediting. Clear your cookies with Ccleaner between every offer after you close your browser and before you start a new offer. Don't be afraid to ask in the chatbox for help as more than likely someone else has been through the same thing and can answer you. If you need any help just ask. We're here to make sure you're successful at completing offers because if you don't get paid, we don't get paid!

  4. Now that you've done that, you will want to go create some new e-mail addresses I suggest creating about 5 addresses before you start so you don't have to quit in the middle of things to make a new one. But whatever works best for you, Just note that you are going to want to use a new addresses with every other offer, meaning do 2 offers, with 1 addresses, then get a new one. You can use email programs such
  5. Just make sure you are not using an email program that says they are temporary, or disposable addresses, those are against the "rules".
  6. OK, now that you have turned off pop-up blocker, accepting all cookies, and have a new email address (with no dots). You are ready to do an offer!
  7. Download Ccleaner ( This will help your approval rate once completed with a offer. Ccleaner clears out all cookies and will improve crediting.
    When you are completing an offer make sure you use correct and legitimate information so you don't risk the chance of it being reversed or it crediting at all.
    When completing offers from the same advertisers, make sure you use unique (new) and fresh E-mails. This will increase the chances of being approved even more.
    Download Sandboxie - to complete download offers. This will help your approval rate and remove all contents of the download including Adware.

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